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When   a   company   search solutions that suit their business  needs,   the  open­source  strategy is   the   best   strategy   that   give  them   the   freedom   to   use   or modify custom solution according  their needs.

Our services adopts a holistic approach to technology , when we develop solution for our customer, we consider the whole business and technology life cycles to fit their needs.

Our goals is customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention to our services. To   achieve   the  goals   we   are   focusing   on  delivering the best practices from our experts team and  within schedule in a documented manner.


We   have   been   following   the development of RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) since 1999, which resulting strong expertises in various area from   system integration and consultation,to support maintenance and troubleshooting unexpected   incident   that   might happen anytime.

Our   team’s   RHCE,   RHCI,   and RHCX   certifications,   shows   that we   are   able   to   deliver international   standards   on   Red Hat   Enterprise   Linux   (RHEL) systems.

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